Sunday, December 10, 2006

Manvar - in the Thar desert

We traveled by camel for two hours into the desert in Manvar to our magnificent camp site. It was cold at night in the desert, but our toes were warmed by hot water bottles hidden beneath the sheets. We all agreed that SueBobbo would have been "all over this" place: the dancing at night, the other guests from around the world, the camels and fleas!


Anonymous Cindy Kennelly said...

These pictures are absolutely amazing. We all love looking at them and reading about your days. I still can't believe you are doing all of this while I am running to Stop & Shop and driving car pool. You guys ROCK!!! Miss you tons.

Cindy K.

6:28 PM

Anonymous Liz said...

You look awesome on your camel! Miss you...

Hi to Andrew from Pat


7:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The hot water bottles, dancing all night, yes.....but the fleas???

Hugs, Mom

7:52 PM


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