Sunday, December 10, 2006

Goa - India's Carribean

After a brief overnight in Bombay (Mumbai) - the Los Angeles of India: 16M+ people, on the ocean, booming film industry called "Bollywood" - we took a quick one hour flight to Goa. The beautiful beaches here are a stark contrast to the small, rural villages and crowded, noisy cities we've seen so far. It is very similar to the Carribean - except for the occassional cow-on-the-beach!


Blogger SueBobbo said...

Both the desert and ocean look spectacular. So great to talk on the phone today and get an update on your adventure. Glad you are all taking in the rich history and culture while seeing the amazing differences in the country.

I agree with Joel about "suebobbo" being totally into all of the festivities. And I love the camels - they seem so sweet.

Sue and family

P.S. Peter and Andrew - it's not the same having the mulled cider without you guys!

6:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous, like Nauset, but I don't see the Orleans "A Team" anywhere!

Thanks for the recent update through Sue...what a fantastic trip.

Love, Mom

7:47 PM

Anonymous Michael Hoffman said...

Hey Hughes family! Hope you guys are having fun in India, those pictures are awesome(especially the tiger ones). Enjoy the warm while you can!

-Michael Hoffman

1:15 PM

Anonymous Carrie said...

Timothy likes the idea of riding on a camel in the desert, but how was the 2 hour ride?? The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for continuing to share your trip with us.
Sal, I picked up that gift you asked me to order and will have it shipped to you in the next week or so!

Love, Carrie and family

6:55 PM

Anonymous Phonehome said...


Evan T.

5:42 AM

Anonymous Mrs. Geary said...

Best Regards!!!

5:44 AM

Blogger SueBobbo said...

Have you thoroughly enjoyed the indian Ocean while we are all shopping at Target (and parking at the farthest lot away I might add!!). Seriously, you are missing all this Christmas shopping craziness and I think you are onto something here.

On another note, I had not planned to spend Christmas in Los Angeles. Not, not really physically, but it sure seems like the Christmas' I spent in LA with temps in the mid 60's today. On the one hand, it's nice but I am really bummed about the ski season thus far. 6 boys heading up to Sunapee for Brian's birthday this weekend and I think we need bathing suits instead of skiis - EEK!!! Oh well, certainly worse things to complain about particularly in light of the plight of so many people in India.

Thinking of you lots.

We were in Concord at your house the other night. All looks great. We stayed for 3-4 hours - raided your CD collection and boys played PS 2 and loved it.

Hope you will put up some more pics at your next stop.

Sue and family

11:40 AM

Anonymous David said...

Hi Hueghes! Looks like your having a lot of fun. You aren't really missing anything back at home. The weather is still like October. It isn't very cold. Me and Robert just got one break and it doesn't seem like break because there is no snow. I heard that you guys might go up skiing when you come back. I hope you get some snow.


10:27 AM

Anonymous Sean Maraghy said...

Hi Hughes,

Is there any surf? If there is, I'm going next year.

Merry Christmas

P.S. Happy Birthday to Caroline.

2:37 PM

Anonymous Sean Maraghy said...

Hi,Peter,Andrew and Caroline! Have a safe trip back to Concord.

5:00 AM


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