Monday, December 18, 2006

Coorg - coffee plantations

Also in south India we visited Coorg with friends and stayed at a coffee plantation. We got the full rundown of how coffee is grown, harvested and taken to market. Needless to say, Sally was thrilled - despite the lack of "decaf" available here!


Anonymous Cindy Kennelly said...

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And the Hughes’ are finally home!
You see they traveled to India
And on deserts they did roam

We read about your travels
And checked on you each day
We looked at Joel’s pictures
And missed you more than words can say

They had the trip of a lifetime
In “tents” and on pink sand
Only Sal could pull this off
For over a year she planned

While you were gone,
You saw charmers of snakes
But we will be happy to see you
Getting decaf at Concord Teacakes

They learned about mustard, coffee
And Elephants and large water jugs
But please come home now
So we can give you hugs!

Yes, Christmas can come
Now that the Hughes are here
But we all know our Sally…
Where will they go next year?

6:00 AM

Anonymous SueBobbo said...

Cindy -

How creative. I read this to the boys and Bob and they loved it too.

You are amazing. We are really looking forward to Hughes arrival back in the good ol' usa too!!

See you up at Sunapee.

7:04 PM

Anonymous Sally said...

Hi Cin,

We are on the plane - two hours from home and Joel just showed me the Poem- I am smiling from ear to ear. What a wonderful surprise to have an infamous Kennelly poem done in our honor. One thing I can be sure is that it won't be India next year. I have promised everyone we will keep it to much more civilized destinations like the Grand Canyon!! Thanks again Cin - you're the best.

Love Sal and gang

7:48 AM


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