Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This is our tutor Lobo - we really are studying.

Hello Friends and Family-

We arrived safely at 3:00 am on Saturday after sleeping for a few hours in the Frankfurt airport between connections. The Bangalore Club is wonderful – the kids can wander freely between the pool, tennis, restaurants, etc. Our friends, Chhaya and Jawad had a party at their suburban home on Saturday night – when we left at 1:00 am they were singing karaoke to “Love the one you’re with” by Peter Frampton! I found a barista on Mahatma Gandhi Road, the main shopping district. For 20 rupees or 50 cents I can grab a rickshaw and be there in 10 minutes – almost as fast as the Main Street Marketplace!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the holiday season. We miss you. Xxoo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great to see you are settling in!! it is tuesday so as you know we have a full day!!
how hot is it there? you all look great, we want more pictures of what you are doing all the time.
Catch you soon.


5:10 AM

Anonymous Kailey said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time. can you bring me back a monkey from the tree??? we have had 3 snow days and because of thanksgiving holiday too we have been out of school for a week. mom says compared to Boston these Washingtonians are wimps. keep sending pictures and we are so happy aunt Sally found her coffee!

Love Kailey and the rest of the Gang!

10:16 PM

Blogger SueBobbo said...

Hi All-

Upload more pics when you can!!!! We all love seeing them. Talked to Mom yesterday and she is following like crazy too.

Cannot believe you already went to a party in India with kareoke(sp?). The world is smaller than it seems. Looks like you are in warm weather clothes. No snow here yet. Sunapee is not opening this weekend as planned. We miss you!

P.S. Let the kids know that I've already got the gingerbread houses to decorate over Christmas!

5:46 AM

Blogger Cindy K said...

Well well well...the kids are studying and Sal is shopping. Some things never change, no matter where you are in the world!!

We love reading about your travels!

Miss you tons,

2:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, but is the coffee as good as Starbuck's? This blog is fantastic...keep up the good work! Even Dad has figured out to get on board your wonderful trip! Hugs, Mom

8:20 PM

Anonymous Dan Cellucci said...

Hi Peter Fenn is so boring without you. I haven't been to the gym at all since you left. Advisor is so quiet. There is almost no body talking at all. I want you back here Peter.

Dan Cellucci/JP

3:59 PM

Blogger The Gs said...

Hi Andrew.

You lucky duck. Looks like you are having a ball. I can't believe a Bengal Tiger came within 2m of your jeep! We missed you during our POU yesterday. Stay in touch.


5:10 PM

Blogger The Gs said...

Hi Andrew:

You lucky duck! It looks like you are having a great and exciting time. I cannot believe a Bengal Tiger got within 2m of your jeep. We missed you yesterday at our POU. Stay in touch. From, Ben.

5:12 PM

Anonymous David Shapiro said...

Hello little mongoose! In Spanish the clasroom is so quiet without you... Except for the fact that Mikee is there. At school we got our blogs in Ms.Campbell's clase. I'm not so great with making the backgrounds and stuff. On Monday I am going to ask someone who has some idea of what they are doing to help me with mine. You can visit my blog at blog.fenn.org/dshapiro. Sometimes it won't let you enter without my password, but other times it will let you in. Carl's blog looks really good, guess what his background is. You guessed it, the texan's logo. Dan misses you a lot, I had to convince him not to kill himsself, jk, but he does miss you. As the green, blue, purple, yellow, red, green, and turqoise sage once said, "the sky is blue". Those are some really neat pictures on the blog, looks like you are having fun, except for the fact that you look like a dufus in every photo. Oh, by the way, I hear that there are poisinous spiders that lurk in peoples beds in India. Don't get bitten! We miss you!

From, turqoise sage of Malaysia


You got on the Honor Roll, they anounced it at all school meeting.

2nd P.S.


8:58 AM


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